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"Correct Posture" Brace ~ Improve Posture ~ Look Better

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Actishape Posture Corrector Adjustable Back Brace & Shoulder Support trains your spine and muscles to return to their natural, healthy alignment.

Just 2 hours per day, during exercise or in daily routine, will improve your posture, decrease associated pain, and boost your confidence!

ADJUSTABLE BRACE - This brace is one of our most popular because how adjustable and comfortable it is. The velcro straps are durable and allow you to adjust, pull and tighten to your comfort and preferences.

LIGHTWEIGHT POSTURE BRACE - Because it is lightweight and made with extra soft, breathable & moisture wicking neoprene, this brace can easily be worn under clothing and throughout the day without hassle.

REDUCES PAIN - This posture brace can help reduce posture related back pain because it helps to keep the back and shoulders in alignment. 

This posture corrector is good for:

- Poor Posture

- Hunchback

- Shoulder Pain

- Unstable Shoulders

- Misaligned Spine

- Spinal Pain

- Sore Back Muscles



A Positive Change in Posture! Highly recommended

-Michael Kelly 


Exceeds Expectations! I have a pain in my right shoulder. It goes from mild to occasionally intense and was looking for something to help moderate it. The posture back brace reduces my pain significantly. I can wear it comfortably most of the day. Once adjusted, it's easy to put on and take off just by lifting my arms. I wear it to the gym over a black tee and it is virtually unnoticeable and it does not interfere with any exercises. I highly recommend this product.

-George Smith


Great Shoulder Support! I am small framed with a larger chest. The weight from my front slouch was resulting in severe upper back pain and very poor posture. My posture has greatly improved and reduced upper back/shoulder pain!

-Kayla Greene 

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